Monday, July 6, 2009

A Guide To Portable Rain Barrels

With the rising population, the one resource the world desperately needs is plenty of water. There is a high demand for residential water which is used for cooking, cleaning and irrigation purposes. Besides household purposes, gallons of water are required in industries. Water conservation is the need of the hour. Fortunately for humankind, rain water is one of the consistently available natural resource. Every year, there is abundant supply of rain water, which if harvested can meet many of our needs.

Water conservation can be done easily by harvesting rain water as it is an effective way of cutting down the usage of water for household purposes and overcoming the problem of water shortage. One of the techniques of rain water harvesting is by usage of rain barrels. A rain barrel is a water tank which is used to collect and store rain water, typically from rooftops through rain gutters. Rain barrels are installed to make good use of naturally available rain water for future use. This method is not only economical but also helps preserve natural resources. In places where there is acute shortage of water, rain water harvesting aids self-sufficiency. Rain water harvesting can be done on a small scale as well as a large scale. Small scale rain harvesting is normally done in households wherein the rain barrels are placed strategically around the house and can be used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, in washing machines, washing cars, and also for drinking, especially when other water supplies are expensive, unavailable, or of poor quality.

Rain barrels come in different forms such as portable rain barrel, the rain catcher rain barrel, flat back rain barrel, wood grain rain barrel, flora rain barrel, etc. Portable rain barrels serve multiple purposes and come in varying sizes. Besides fulfilling the basic function of collecting rain water, these rain barrels can be easily pushed across and moved from one spot to another. Another most used rain barrel is the rain catcher. These two models are truly convenient and useful to be used in any household. This is very important that these barrels are engineered to screen out breeding of mosquitoes due to improper filtering systems. Therefore, along with these models, there are certain rain barrel accessories such as diverter kits, mosquito donuts and even pH meters that are available in the markets which will ensure the cleanliness pf the harvested rain water.

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  1. I totally need one of these. My down spout floods my basement when we have a major rain and I am pretty sure one of these could solve this problem.